With its fully covered, yet enormous seating capacity of 5,000, the Ford Amphitheater is capable of hosting incredible shows any day of the year!


Seating is arranged in three tiers – 101 to 303, from closest to furthest from the stage respectively.

The seat numbers follow standard amphitheater pattern: In the sections in the center (101-201), the seat numbers are consecutive. The seat number 101 is on the right aisle when you stand facing the stage. In the sections at the side, all seat numbers are either even or odd, with the seat numbered 2 on the inside aisle, while on the left side of the venue, seat number 1 is located on the inside.

The food court is positioned behind the 300 level at the highest point of the venue, offering a selection of grilled food items. The restrooms can be found in front of section 103, behind and to the left of the stage.