6th Annual Freestyle Beach House at Ford Amphitheater

6th Annual Freestyle Beach House Tickets

Ford Amphitheater | Brooklyn, New York

This September is about to become the hottest of 2022, as one of the most anticipated and renowned music festivals will finally hit New York City, New York to deliver an action-packed and top-class musical entertainment. As usual festival enthusiasts in the know are flooding the ticket stands to secure a spot for the unmissable 6th Annual Freestyle Beach House, and the tickets are flying off the shelves! If you still haven’t experienced this surrealistic festival at first hand, this year might be the perfect time to change this as the trend-setting event will return more spectacular than ever. The lineup is on fire with a wild combination of some of the trendiest performers of today and promising stars of tomorrow. The good news doesn’t end up here, though. The patrons will also be able to enjoy tantalizing (and endless) options of drinks and snacks that will keep them going all night. 6th Annual Freestyle Beach House simply ticks all the boxes for a premier festival experience – grab your ticket and enjoy it on Saturday 3rd September 2022!

6th Annual Freestyle Beach House at Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island

Here is some good news for all the festival-goers – this September the world-renowned 6th Annual Freestyle Beach House will make an epic return in New York City, and they’ve picked the most obvious host. Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island will serve as home to the trend-setting festival and the hosts promise it to be even better than it sounds. As a start – this year’s lineup is lit featuring some of the brightest music titans of today as well as those soon to break. Their live performances will be complemented by the mind-blowing installations, unique stage visuals and light shows to boot. And to make this even better the visitors will enjoy the ultimate sonic experience thanks to the heart-racing sound systems. It doesn’t hurt that the venue also provides endless amounts of beverages, as well as international food offerings that will turn the event into a cultural delight. So just tell your friends, hit the button to secure your seats and immerse into the alternate reality that only a world-class festival can offer.

6th Annual Freestyle Beach House at Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island

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